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Express Yourself Through Arts and Crafts

When it comes to daily life, it’s hard to find time for anything. Whether you’re cleaning your home or taking care of the kids, you barely have a chance to breath or do something for yourself. And even when you do make plans, an unexpected flat tire will have you pulling out the new car jack (review) as all your precious time is sucked up.

However, part of the problem with busy schedules is that they make setting a routine for fun activities drains out the fun. Setting up time in your day to relax feels like a task rather than an accomplishment. But, when I came to realize that was false.

When I decided to really take my passions seriously and giving myself a routine, I began to find that making times for my arts & crafts was suddenly easier and enjoyable, making me enjoy my day to day life.

For me, arts & crafts is a way to express myself and play around with my creativity. It’s peaceful and a sense of joy for me to create a product that is mine and mine alone. When I lost the time for it (or really, didn’t make the time for it), I found myself become withdrawn from my family and friends and less motivated in my work life.

Now, I promise myself thirty minutes of craft time every couple days. Life can still get in the way, but, I make sure that the time is made available the next time. I have sectioned off an area in my home that is just for my craft time, whether it’s scrapbooking or knitting. I’ve kept this part of my home as an off-limits area for the kids, giving them their own crafting section that they can use while I’m doing my work.

Since I’ve become dedicated to giving myself my own time, I’ve found that the daily chores and routines of life have also become more enjoyable. I’ve started to appreciate myself, and my time with those I love.

Life can make it hard to put yourself first. People assume they have to give up the things they love to make sacrifices for their family. I’ve learned it’s a matter of making time for all the important things in your life, from family to hobbies. My arts & crafts time has allowed me to continue my creative spirit, and also, encourage my children to pursue the things that make them happy. When they see myself taking the time for me, they’ve started to see how their time for themselves is valuable to.

Sitting at home and being able to knit for a half hour puts me at ease. It lets me destress from the day, reflect on the good and the bad, and categorize what needs to be done next. Just that little bit of escape has made a huge impact on my drive. Suddenly, I want to do more for my family and for my job, because I see how much I value it too. Don’t let life make you give up the things you love, learn to make it grow and work with you for the sake of happiness.

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